Dear Readers,

Artistika┬áis the fruit of my experience as a musician, photographer and journalist. It’s an open experiment, at a time when pictures are everywhere but slow news is hard to find.

Artists have so much to learn from each other: it’s for this reason Artistika takes the unusual step of presenting together stories from traditional art disciplines and artistic sports.
I remember watching “Billy Elliot” as a student, with a row of friends from music college who simultaneously teared up at the scene of Billy opening his letter of acceptance to the Royal Ballet School. There are so many shared stories, shared struggles and dreams across disciplines, it seems a shame to consider them always separately.

There are instances when the world stops to watch a young athlete in a red dress, winning an olympic gold medal for her country as she skates to Schindler’s List. It’s in times like those we get reminded of the inspirational power of skill and beauty combined, two values that can sometimes get forgotten in the quest for intellectual legitimacy. It takes time to acquire the craft that cause audiences to stop and wonder. It takes courage to put one’s soul on a stage for the world to see.

We hope to encourage young (and less young) creators on their journeys, reminding them that however loud the voices telling them it’s all been done before, the beauty of the result is worth every hour of practice.

Some of the greatest performances happen when the life’s works of several creators collide: we wouldn’t remember Torvill and Dean’s 1984 skate if it wasn’t for Ravel’s Bolero, or indeed for the musicians who recorded it. There are so many people, so many professions behind great works: we’d like to find the stories that haven’t yet been told.

We try to investigate each one thoroughly, collecting images, interviews and facts over a period of time. We love beautiful photography and feature it prominently, commissioning contributors for stories from around the world. We try and bring together the best of the old and of the new. With format we’ve chosen a web-based platform that enables you to scroll the text, read on mobile devices and share individual pages on social media: print will be for special occasions.

We hope you enjoy our first edition. We’re keen to hear from readers and discover if the stories resonate. Please drop us a note and come back to visit! Join us on the journey as we Celebrate Art that is skilled, beautiful and sincere.