Shoma Uno – by Yoshie Shibaike (2016) 


Elena Ilinikh – by Yoshie Shibaike (2016)

At Artistika we believe….

…that beautiful work is inspiring

…that technical skills are admirable and valuable

… that it’s so much harder to build up than it is to tear down – but we’re up for the challenge

…that art is best enjoyed without cynicism

…in the value of primary research – in investigating stories from scratch, speaking with our subjects and collecting information straight from the source

… that some of the most powerful moments happen when skilled individuals feed off each other, such as a cameraman filming dancers clothed by a designer performing the work of a choreographer to some music played by instrumentalists and written by a composer…

… that there’s an incredible amount of cross-pollination between artistic disciplines, and they have a lot to learn from each other